25/12/2022- found plasticine + was fiddling around w it

got another polariod camera 4 christmas and im goin down south soon so im hoping to take sum cool pics which i may or may not upload here. who knows. even though i already have a polariod im glad to get another since this one is newer and smaller so its probs easier to transport plus i dont have to worry about damaging it as much. my other one used to be my mums and i love it alot but find i dont use it much since im afraid of breakin it. plus it doesnt have a flash.

06/12/2022- more stencils

also been working on comic stuff lately so look out 4 that

30/11/2022- i found my computer pen, v cool. now that my exams r over n schools done 4 the year i actually have free time which is nice.

drew this on my desk

found an empty book with nice paper at an op shop so i made it a new cover. very cool because i needed a new sketchbook

15/10/2022- this actually happened a while ago but i fucking lost my computer pen (actually my brothers pen lol) and i right now want to redraw the background for the homepage but i canttttttttttttt. i also have 30 millionzillion school related tasks to do that i have not done. certified argggggggjgjhtrjfdh.jkewfb.lJD J. moment.

13/10/2022- fuckin around with stencils. was gonna do more but my spraycan stopped working. not blocked, dunno whats wrong with it

08/09/2022- what even is molasses actually

07/09/2022- learning abt robbers cave study...

also thought i should feature this. see below 4 pics that go hard and are based as fuck.

22/08/2022- reading franz kafka's diaries. this guy gets it

12/08/2022- i have a job now also i am moving. crayzay

31/07/2022- interesting website.

29/07/2022- currently sick which is proving unfun. cut my fringe too short. it has been raining lots recently

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